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You deserve a beautiful head of hair. In recent years there have been breakthroughs in hair- loss treatments and we have brought these treatments to the Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet, South Carolina area. Scientists have gained an incredible understanding of the chemical [...]


Whether it’s dull or sharp, in your head, back, neck, shoulder, elbow, or knee pain can interfere with your life. Sometimes the pain is a symptom of an injury caused by an accident, sometimes a disease, and sometimes the pain is the condition itself. [...]


It's no secret that men and women can experience difficulty embracing and enjoying their sex life. When the sexual relationship between a couple suffers the impact can be far-reaching. We can help you restore intimacy and discover a vibrant and energetic sex life. You don't [...]


WEIGHT LOSS If you need to lose weight, get into shape and experience renewed energy we can help. People throughout Myrtle Beach have experienced transformations with our integrative, research-based healthcare approach to weight loss and wellness. By focusing on your unique needs we will [...]


If you are a woman who is experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue, irritability, lower sex drive, or weight gain there's help available to you right here in Myrtle Beach.                   [...]


Men's health is often only associated with erectile dysfunction. And while that is one of the most common male sexual problems, it’s not the only type of health issue men deal with. If you are experiencing depression, low energy, fatigue, weight gain [...]

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