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Coronavirus, Anxiety, and Stress: Your Plan to Thrive


Handling crazy times We are certainly living in a time like no other. Fear, anxiety, and stress are higher than ever before. People are worried about their health and the health of loved ones and that’s understandable. The fear of the unknown...the’s all cause for sleepless nights. All of our routines have been [...]

Coronavirus, Anxiety, and Stress: Your Plan to Thrive2020-04-23T11:02:38+00:00

Healthy Foods That Boost Your Immune System


Taking care of your immune system should be your number one priority. It’s your main line of defense against viruses and infections so strengthening and boosting it needs to be at the top of your health checklist. Where to begin To boost your immune system and help your body fight against infection, you [...]

Healthy Foods That Boost Your Immune System2020-04-14T02:49:06+00:00

How to Remain Sane During a Pandemic


You can’t avoid it…. Turn on the TV, listen to the radio, scroll through social media or check your email and news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is there. It’s in your face and probably stirring up fear, anxiety, and stress.  But, you don’t need to become a victim to the panic sweeping our nation.  [...]

How to Remain Sane During a Pandemic2020-03-25T10:59:12+00:00

Staying Safe and Healthy During Coronavirus (COVID-19)


We are living in unpredictable times. Fear and confusion have gripped the hearts and minds of people around the world. And as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across our own country it is accompanied by chaos and panic. It has been staggering to watch our daily lives change so dramatically in such a [...]

Staying Safe and Healthy During Coronavirus (COVID-19)2020-03-17T15:32:56+00:00

Don’t Become ‘That Old Guy’


Alright, gentlemen (and the ladies who love them) this one is for you. I'm sure you've heard a term like low testosterone aging male. Let’s be honest, when you think about the aging process it congers up thoughts of grey hair, joint pain, weight gain, and slow foggy thinking. But, does the aging process [...]

Don’t Become ‘That Old Guy’2020-02-23T14:57:28+00:00

Why Your Heart Needs Estrogen


Photo by Ben Eaton on Unsplash Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death and disability in the United States for men and women. This is the consequence of a population that continues to grow in obesity and inactivity. And the risks of CVD only increase when high cholesterol and hypertension [...]

Why Your Heart Needs Estrogen2020-02-16T20:34:52+00:00

Osteoporosis: Rethinking Prevention & Treatment


I have a bone to pick with you about osteoporosis because you probably need to rethink your prevention and treatment strategy. Osteoporosis is a significant health crisis facing women’s health. It affects more than 25 million Americans, with over a million osteoporotic fractures occurring each year. Unfortunately, 10% of these patients will [...]

Osteoporosis: Rethinking Prevention & Treatment2019-12-21T02:36:13+00:00

What To Do When Back Surgery Fails


What To Do When Back Surgery Fails When people who experience back pain undergo surgery, only to find that the symptoms don’t go away or even get worse, it can take a serious physical and emotional toll on them. Unfortunately, while invasive procedures—such as back surgery—can correct some of the conditions that result [...]

What To Do When Back Surgery Fails2019-12-19T04:09:46+00:00