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low back pain

Inlet Physical Medicine provides relief from serious shoulder or joint pain

Chronic pain and limited mobility are terribly frustrating. Limited range of motion and function of your neck, shoulders, and arms, along with pain and discomfort, can put a serious damper on day-to-day activities and your ability to enjoy life . For many, it can cause sleepless nights, an inability to work, and extreme difficulty completing simple tasks such as picking up a basket of laundry, carrying groceries, cooking.

Have you ever wondered why lasting relief is so elusive?

Why haven’t scientists found a lasting solution for chronic, debilitating pain? With all of the latest breakthroughs in medical treatments for conditions like diabetes, cancer, and even migraines, why is it that effective treatment for chronic neck, shoulder, and arm pain seemingly does not exist?

We have the solution!

Inlet Physical Medicine now offers a viable alternative to traditional approaches that often cause more harm than good. Our non-surgical solution will provide you with effective, long-lasting relief from neck, shoulder, and joint pain.

Using an advanced, state-of-the-art combination of decompression therapy and physical medicine treatments, our patients have experienced inspiring treatment success rates versus traditional therapies. Inlet Physical Medicine is one of the first, and only, medical centers to offer treatment of this kind, within the region. Our doctor is one of the foremost physicians in the U.S. to offer decompression therapy, which is a highly advanced, non-surgical technique.

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