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low back pain

At Inlet Physical Medicine, we provide natural testosterone replacement therapy that uses two or three medications, depending on your individual circumstances. In our program we use:

  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG):  promotes your testes to stimulate natural testosterone production, helping keep the integrity of your testes normal function.
  • Testosterone Cypionate: increases testosterone in the body to the optimal levels needed in your body to reach specific goals.  Your physical medicine caregiver will determine the dosage of this long acting testosterone after reviewing your physical, lab results, and medical history.

In order to effectively incorporate this program into your regiment, we do not believe in cycling testosterone.  Instead our specialists believe consistently maintaining the level of testosterone through ongoing treatment is the most successful method.  This allows our patients to keep continuing our program and stay on track with their personal goals.

Continued Monitoring is one the biggest factors of success for our patients:

  • Physical exams must be completed at least twice a year to ensure they keep on track with their goals and program.
  • Patients are also required to return for more tests 60 days after the initial test.  This allows our specialists to adjust dosages and keep patients on track to reaching the most favorable balances throughout the body.

There’s no reason for you to suffer with low t symptoms when there’s a resource readily available to you to address these symptoms and restore your vitality. At Inlet Physical Medicine, our specialists provide non-invasive medical procedures, including natural low t replacement therapy. If you’re a viable candidate for our low t replacement treatment, we can get you started in one visit!

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